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KTZ mod 9 2 ss14 © sunglassespreservation

KTZ mod 9 2 ss14 © sunglassespreservation

Kokon To Zai model KTZ9/2 is a special take on worker’s or battle game goggles. They are made of mold injected plastic and were produced in Read More

KTZ mod. KTZ 1 C1 ss10

KTZ mod. KTZ 1 C3 ss10

LINDA FARROW’s “rugby” visor sunglasses made for KTZ’s spring summer collection 2010. A very sophisticated pair of sunglasses. A clash of genres. From sport to space helmet, to raver. The creative team at Linda Farrow and the designers they work with have come up with some of the most innovative designs from 2009 till today (2011). Let’s hope they keep up the visionary work. Read More