sunglassespreservation now on facebook!

sunglassespreservation now on facebook!

We are very happy to announce that we are now available on facebook as well! On our facebook page you can see our archived collection and many more models of sunglasses that are not in our archives but are nevertheless extremely interesting to post about and discuss. Snapshots of friends wearing sunglasses as well as archive images of people in shades from all epoches as well as links to sunglasses shops we like! Please like our page on facebook and share the love for shades! Thank you!

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LANVIN sunglasses from 1961 in marble effect acetate, square cut, brown/grey lenses. Mrs. LANVIN was a sophisticated lady and her legacy keeps living on. These shades are vintage and we know very little about them. We do not know the exact name of the model or the code number that was associated to them. We do not know if they even had a code number. Read More