Many websites and blogs are dedicated to vintage sunglasses… This website is dedicated to all eras of sunglass design with a special focus on new design and sunglasses evolution!

We tend to forget that what is vintage today was new once. What is new on the market today will be vintage in the future. So we at sunglassespreservation keep a very open eye and focus on new designs and experiments made by companies, big and small, old and young.

Sunglassespreservation is always on the lookout for designs that are worthy of archiving and classifying into sunglass history. If you do see “vintage” models on our site, this is because these specific models deserve, in our opinion, to be classified and archived for how they have influenced today’s sunglasses evolution.

Our goal is to enable all people interested in sunglass design history to access a detailed and as correct as possible archive of those designs that in our opinion should not go forgotten. Our goal is to create a detailed list of designs, model codes, background information, collection dates and colorways of those designs we select to enter the sunglassespreservation family.

Sunglassespreservation borrows and rents models from it’s collection for exhibitions, art projects, film and styling for photo shoots. If you have any questions or wish to send us a project proposal please contact us via the following address:

We will be needing help to date many items so all help is very appreciated.

We operate from Europe and the USA.

Please visit us and like our facebook sunglassespreservation page!


Any copying and or reproduction of any images, photos and texts in any part of the sunglassespreservation blog, website and related websites in total or partially is prohibited without our prior written consent. All copywritten images belong to their respective owners/makers/right holders.

All photos with sunglassespreservation logo on them are copyright of!

Any copying and further distribution or alteration of any of this website’s and blog’s posts, texts and or images and or photos which are under sunglassespreservation copyright is strictly prohibited without sunglassespreservation’s prior written permission and consent to do so.

Sunglassespreservation is not responsible for any content coming from any third party’s incoming or outgoing links to and from the sunglassespreservation blog and/or website.

  1. Suzy Gerard said:

    how can I buy these?

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