CHANEL mod A 28891 S0187 – pearl necklaces – ss05

CHANEL mod 28891 S0187 @ sunglassespreservation ss05

CHANEL mod 28891 S0187 @ sunglassespreservation ss05

CHANEL model A 28891, from the spring/summer pret-a-porter, 2005 collection is a statement to collective decadence of that time. The world post September 11th was still in a confused search for a certain type of stable luxury. The sunglasses industry was suffering a creative downfall from 2001 to about 2005. Many uninspiring models have been produced by all brands in this period. CHANEL was to change all that with its attempt to give back sunglasses a high standard within their couture statements. In fact, model A 28891 debuts in a special fashion show inspired by red carpets, Hollywood glitz and stardom!

Lagerfeld’s 2005 ss fashion show for CHANEL begins with a red carpet event and it ends with it as well. Top models from the glorious days of fashion hit the runway first… from Naomi to Turlington to Tennant… then come the newcomers, then again the top models and then, in the end comes Nicole Kidman. At this point the photographers, who were carefully positioned to be part of the fashion show itself, hit the runway to give the entire show a paparazzi-esque flair.

As the photographers block the runway, surrounding Lagerfeld and Kidman, all chaos brakes loose, we see Naomi rolling her eyes (probably because she was no longer the centre of attention), the models can no longer pass through the runway to the exit, the visitors are blocked in their seats and nobody knows how to unclog the passage on the “red carpet”.

At this point it is important to mention that Nicole Kidman was in the 2004/2005 period the face of CHANEL N°5 perfume and starred in a red carpet video filmed by Baz Luhrmann, which portrayed her wearing the famous CHANEL N°5 diamond necklace dangling from her back decolleté.

The end of the show is a bit in the style of a John Water’s movie ending, where everything escalates into blissful chaos.

If we, on the other hand, concentrate on the catwalk before the final chaos, we notice three important shifts in style: The first shift are the CHANEL belts worn by the models. These belts have enormous buckles and, upon closer inspection, one notices that the buckles are frames to a technological revolution of LCD screens with videos playing on them. CHANEL commercials playing on the model’s belts. That was a daring fun futuristic twist. Then we also notice Karl’s fun statement to travelling as he let some models hit the runway with typical airplane sleeping pillows wrapped around their necks. We guess that was his way of telling us it is fine to fly again.

The third shift in style is the one we are most interested in: CHANEL upped their game when it comes to producing special boutique exclusive sunglasses! The shades that hit the ss 2005 CHANEL runway were expensive, luxurious statements. The black acetate frames were adorned with metal gold plated side plaques, screwed on to the frame, but even more importantly, the temples had tiny holes at the edges to which three strains of pearls were attached. The three strains of pearls have different sizes each and are long enough to be worn dangling from the back of the wearers ears and on to the front decolleté. The necklaces looked like they were lifted up to the sky behind the wearers heads. These necklaces can also be worn dangling off the back as well as half front and half back.

We believe that the pearls used for these sunglasses are typical CHANEL glass pearls. They were produced by LUXOTTICA in Italy. They bare the authenticity identification number lasered on to the right side of the right lense while the inner left temple bares the model number and color codes. The right inner temple bares the CHANEL logo and trademarks.

We have provided an image database in our gallery section below to show you the other CHANEL ss 2005 boutique exclusive sunglasses that hit the runway.

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