CHANEL model A 71085 S3692 – tweed – fw14

CHANEL mod A 71085 S3692 fw14 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL mod A 71085 S3692 fw14 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL model A 71085 (color S3692 – orange) has been made in CHANEL “Lesage” tweed. The same exact tweed was also used for several garments in the main fall/winter 2014 Pret-a-porter collection, such as sneakers, jumpsuits and corsets. These shades are one of the most costly CHANEL has produced in the past decade. Francois Lesage has been producing tweeds for CHANEL pret-a-porter collections since 1998 and has, since 2008, expnded the production of tweeds to CHANEL’s haute couture collections as well. Despite the costly production, CHANEL went all out on these shades. They produced six models that hit the runway and a total of eight colorways and tweeds (between runway and retail versions).

In fact, two models from the catwalk were not available for purchase but other two models were released for retail instead. The model you see here in our sunglassespreservation archives was attributed the color code of the orange/green shades from the runway even though the tweed used for the runway was simpler in making.

Sunglassespreservation has, after careful selection, decided to add the orange tweed CHANEL sunglasses to it’s archives as orange is the predominant color of the CHANEL fall/winter 2014 collection. Furthermore the intensity of the colors inside the orange tweed are so brilliant that no other pair of tweed shades matched the attraction of these sunglasses.The orange tweed showcases brilliant shades of purple, mossy green, blue hues and black and whites.

The other colors of model A 71085 available were: 1) grey/baby blue/pink/glittery metal, 2) navy with streaks of red, 3) beige with white, 4) black with white and 5) red with hues of rose. Orange is the most rare of the sleection while the yellow version (which hit the runway) was not produced for regular retail.

The frame, temples, bridge and nose are completely covered in tweed. The tweed appears to be glued to the sunglasses’ surface. The surface is black, matte and might be made of nylon but it is not to be excluded that it might also be acetate. We, however, doubt it is acetate as acetate might react bad to the glue used to attach the tweed to the surface. We are not sure if the tweed will hold to the surface of the shades for many years as we fear a possibility that the glue might deteriorate. We hope that glues manufactured today are more stable then in the past but nothing can guarantee the stability of these glasses. We hope for the best.

As far as the design goes, this is as close as a CHANEL pret-a-porter design piece gets to Haute Couture. Many steps in the making process of these shades were manually executed (the tweed was hand made as well as the cutting of it and subsequent attaching to the sunglasses) and the tweed patterns guarantee that each single pair produced is unique and unlike any other. The tweed and color used for model A 71085 S3692 is also found in the most representative CHANEL fw14 orange tweed sneakers, orange jumpsuits and corsets (please see the image depicting the orange tweed in our image gallery section below).

The temples are completely covered in tweed. The outer sides of the temples bare sturdy metal double “C”s. The left inner temple bares a metal plaque, screwed onto it via four flat screws with “CHANEL made in Italy” inscripted on them. The plaque also bares the model and colour numbers printed on it’s surface. The inner right temple bares a metal plaque, also screwed via four flat screws. The inscription is this time embossed within the plaque and it states “CHANEL”.

The particular tweed of model A 71085 color S3692 has a very vibrant orange base with additional pop vibrant purple hues. In addition, the colors added are white, black, green, grey, red and navy. The more we go into detail zoom, the more colors we discover hidden inside these amazing CHANEL “Lesage” tweed shades.

Both lenses bare CHANEL logos lasered into them. The outer right lens also bares the authenticity identification code unique to only this pair of shades. CHANEL model A 71085 was made in Italy by LUXOTTICA and was a CHANEL boutique exclusive.

CHANEL model A 71085 is a perfect example of eyewear artistry pushed to the extreme where the wearability is reduced to zero as tweed on the face of the wearer would only get dirty and stained by facial oils and make-up. These shades are the perfect example of collectible modern design objects. As paradox to the shades being almost unwearable is the fact that this is the first official attempt at placing sunglasses on-pair with apparel. The same luxurious Lesage tweeds were used for sneakers, clothes and sunglasses which is a sign that eyewear is no longer seen as just a brand’s extra money making franchise. Sunglasses are now being taken seriously as an integral part of a total look. Not just a gimmick any longer but an important thought-out part of an entire collection theme.

In the hope that the glues implemented to keep the tweeds attached to the shades do not deteriorate, we will, in ten years time, have a very important design document, testifying the creative verve and wish to experiment as far as possible in new design and style territories within the limitations givien by the fact that CHANEL represents a certain kind of upper/high bourgeois lifestyle where too much experimentation is usually not very well seen or accepted. In fact, these shades, just like many contemporary CHANEL sunglasses from the 00’s to the 14’s, run a thin line between braking through to a new level of creativity and a restrain due to the strict market rules CHANEL has to adhere to in order to maintain itself on top of the high-end bourgeois fashion world.

We have provided an image database in our gallery section below to see all the colors and tweeds of CHANEL model A 71085 for fw14.

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