CHANEL model 71047 L1013 – cinemascope – ss14

CHANEL mod 71047 L1013 ss14 - cinemascope - © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL mod 71047 L1013 ss14 – cinemascope – © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL model 71047 is an interesting divertissement used to pep up CHANEL’s ss14 pret-a-porter fashion show. These shades were made to give the wearer the feel of looking through a 16:9 cinemascope movie. Life becomes a film… as concept at least.

Here is what the CHANEL website wrote about these sunglasses in summer 2014: “Rectangular titanium sunglasses. Lenses with nylon fiber strips for a 16:9th vision. Metal CC signature at the end of the temples.”

First thing to point out is that CHANEL often alters retail models after their fashion show presentations. This was the case with model 71047. In fact, these sunglasses had bigger black nylon frame strips on the runway. The strips were subsequently considered too wide for retail and were then reduced by half a centimeter in width. This however does not affect the overall appeal of the shades nor does it in any way damage the cinemascope effect. It does, however, show that CHANEL’s sunglasses design team works hard even after the presentation of the show to push up the quality and wearability of the boutique exclusive models. You can see the fashion show model with slightly thicker nylon strips in the image gallery further down in this post.

The frame and temples are made of titanium with an addition of four black nylon blocks or strips, added to top and bottom of each frame/lense.

The bridge is very thin but sturdy. These shades weigh almost nothing and are extremely comfortable to wear. What is interesting is the almost complete lack of logos. On the outer part we see only tiny double “C”s at the very edge of the temples. These logos are invisible when the shades are worn as they land right behind the wearer’s ears. The lenses bare the typical CHANEL lasered brand on both sides and the right lens also has the authenticity identification number lasered in.

Each one of the two plastic nose pads has a metal double “C” logo within them.

The right inner temple bares the CHANEL brand while the left inner temple bares the model number and color codes.

These sunglasses were made in Italy by LUXOTTICA and were only made and distributed for CHANEL boutiques exclusively.

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