PRADA model SPR 26P 7S3 0A7 – POEME – ss13

PRADA mod SPR 26P 7S3 0A7 POEME ss13 © sunglassespreservation

PRADA mod SPR 26P 7S3 0A7 POEME ss13 © sunglassespreservation

PRADA model SPR 26P is part of an exclusive line from ss13 called “poeme”. These shades were available in black and cream white. There was a variation produced as a rectangular frame. Sunglassespreservation has chosen the half round frame as it is more special and daring then it’s sister rectangle model.

These shades are made in acetate with hand painted metal/ceramic flowers screwed into the upper frame, bridge and temples.

Te lenses bare the PRADA lasered logos as well as the authenticity identification number. The lenses are lightly graduated.

The temples are a treat for the eyes with their geommetric shapes reminiscent of the thirties. Both temples bare the golden PRADA brand inserted within the acetate at the extreme far edges. The inner left temple bares the model number while the inner right temple bares the PRADA brand logo.

These sunglasses were made in Italy by LUXOTTICA.

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