Christian Dior model 2006 70s

Christian Dior mod 2006 70s © sunglassespreservation

Christian Dior mod 2006 70s © sunglassespreservation

Christian Dior is known especially umong vintage sunglasses collectors as one of the most experimental and innovative design brands when it comes to futuristic shapes, colors and materials.

In fact, model 2006 from the seventies is a perfect example of visionary spaceage design!

These sunglasses were made in Optyl, in Germany. They are colored in red fading acid yellow by passing through a touch of orange and just a hint of green.

The frame is a brilliant example of spaceage design as the temples almost robotically extend from the top sides of the frame, leaving a thin slit between the two. The temples then proceed straight till the ear where they then bend in an organic curve.

These shades were available in several color combinations and all had two “CD” logos, one on each outter front side of the temples. The inner right temple bares the Christian Dior inscription printed in white. The actual model number is pressed into the inner top right side of the frame.

The bridge is set very low to allow the frame to better reflect a hexagonal shape.

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