VERSACE model 418 c.850 90s

VERSACE mod 418 c 850 90s © sunglassespreservation

VERSACE mod 418 c 850 90s © sunglassespreservation

VERSACE model 418 in white is one of the epitomes of VERSACE’s last creations. In fact, one of his last collections in the mid nineties were made in pure white tones. These sunglasses are from that decade and in a subtle way represent Gianni’s “swan song”. The purity of the white color as well as the organic rounded shapes with four Medusa heads shine through a sense of peace and angelic serenity.

These particular shades were available in several colors: white, transparent, black and white checkered design and black.

The frames and temples are made in plastic. It does not appear to be acetate, which, of course means that the overal quality of these shades is a bit lower, even though they were produced in Italy and have tight, sturdy metal hinges and attachments/screws used in the build.

The four silver colored metal Medusa heads are apparently glued to the temples as there appear to be no screws holding the heads. The inner left temple bares the model number and color code while the right inner temple bares the GIANNI VERSACE nineties logo.

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