PERSONA NON GRATA model skinny 2013

Persona non grata PNG mod skinny 2013 © sunglassespreservation

Persona non grata PNG mod skinny 2013 © sunglassespreservation

Persona non Grata has had an incredibly creative year in 2013! Sunglasses model “Skinny” is an impressive model. It bares no resemblance to any other shades PNG made as they are the smallest,”skinnies” and tightest version he ever created.

They fit the wearers face and sit low on the nose as the temples curve around the ears creating a vortex effect profile.

The frame is made of several layers of plexiglas, lasercut and glued on top of each other, creating an electric color mash up reminiscent of club kids creations from the nineties.

The temples are screwed to the frame via four screws each, as well as an interlacing plexiglas mechanism. All in all, the “skinny” shades are an interesting clash between mathematic and organic design.

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