PIERRE CARDIN model uncategorized – red – 60s

PIERRE CARDIN red frames 60s © sunglassespreservation

PIERRE CARDIN red frames 60s © sunglassespreservation

PIERRE CARDIN has a very big body of work from the sixties and seventies. His sunglasses, especially from those decades, represent a constant fountain of inspiration for all sunglass design enthusiasts. The model you see here is particularly interesting because of its shape. The round organic oversized frames stand for a strong statement underlining the wearers charecter.

We are not sure which model number these sunglasses have/carry and any help in identifying it would be highly appreciated.

The frame and temples are made of red acetate. The right temple carries PIERRE CARDIN’s logo on the inner side. The left temple has no visible logos or model numbers. Both temples bare golden metal PIERRE CARDIN logos on the outside.

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