PIERRE CARDIN model ski sport 70/7 80s

PIERRE CARDIN ski sport 70/7 80s © sunglassespreservation

PIERRE CARDIN ski sport 70/7 80s © sunglassespreservation

PIERRE CARDIN model “ski sport 70/7” from the eighties is a brilliant example of modern sunglasses design combined with the need to adapt to practical sportswear. In fact, these ski glasses were made to endure the conditions the wearer went through while skiing.

PIERRE CARDIN has always been a pioneer in his own right. Even though he is no longer regularly active with his personal creation on the fashion market, his vision still keeps on inspiring us!

These shades are made in acetate, layered in dark blue and transluscent electric blue with a geometric design and cut on the bridge.

Both temples bare a PIERRE CARDIN logo in gold on the outer side. The inner right temple bares the PIERRE CARDIN inscription while the inner left carries the model’s name, code and country of production. These shades were made in west Germany. The fact that the production states “west Germany” means that these shades have had to be made before 1989, which is the year the Berlin wall fell and both west and east Germany were reunited.

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