Renauld International patent 200,735 – combined sunglasses and hair band – 1964

Renauld International patent 200,735 1964 © sunglassespreservation

Renauld International patent 200,735 1964 © sunglassespreservation

Renauld International, patent 200,735 – combined sunglasses and hair band, is an avant-garde space age model for which Mr. Atherton Mitchell applied for a US design patent on August 13th, 1964. The patent was granted on March 30th, 1965 and since then these shades have been showcased in several fashion magazines and ads of the period. These sunglasses are often erroneously attributed to PIERRE CARDIN but sunglassespreservation has found the original patent from 1964/65, where the brand behind this model is clearly stated as “Renauld International”.

As the patent states, these shades are a hybrid of both sunglasses and a hair band. The black slit representing the lenses is so thin that vision is very limited when worn. The colors produced for this model were white, pink and black. Other colors might have been available but we do not have any documented proof of that.

The shades are made of mold injected plastic. They were produced in Italy, as the mark inside the temples states. You can see the patent number (issued in USA in 1965) on the inner left side of the frame.

There is not much more to be said of the structure of this model except that it is one of the most significant and representative shapes of space age design. Very futuristic looking and subsequently used as inspiration for several science fiction movies and T.V. series such as Star Trek, the next generation.

The model in our sunglassespreservation’ archives is in perfect condition. The plastic has yellowed just a tiny bit due to it’s age but still shows no wear and has not lost any of it’s flexibility which shows that standards used for plastic in the sixties.

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  1. George Myers said:

    How can I buy these ‘boy-watcher’ hairband sunglasses for my spouse??

    George Myers MD

    • Hi George,

      it is not easy to get a hold of these very old vintage pieces. Shades from the early sixties are not available in most optical stores today. The best try would be flea markets and specialized vintage trade eyewear events. Hope this helps a bit.

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