PERSONA NON GRATA model Empty – Leakage – 2013

PERSONA NON GRATA mod Empty leakage 2013 ph.© sunglassespreservation

PERSONA NON GRATA mod Empty leakage 2013 ph.© sunglassespreservation

DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the process of documenting the functionality of these sunglasses. This model is an art concept and is produced as a one-off piece prototype. It is not for sale nor will it go into production. The fish used to photograph these shades were borrowed from a fish owner who supervised the process of photography. The set was prepared in advance so that the actual photo shoot took less than six minutes to complete. The fish were placed back in their home aquarium immediately after the shoot. No harm whatsoever came to them. The photos you see here depict an idea, an essence of a concept. They are meant for pure documentation of how the artist (Persona non Grata) envisions the fantsy of his new model named: “Empty”. These sunglasses are to be seen as a sculpture and are not for wear.

Sunglassespreservation has added a very special model to it’s archives. Persona non Grata’s controversial “Empty” shades are made as a container of ideas, thoughts, fantasies, desires, fears and all things imaginable by the wearer.

These sunglasses are made of layers of plexiglass, laser cut and assembled together to form the shape of a hollow, “Empty” container. The top of the shades is in reality a lid attached to the frame via a swivel. The lid cannot be sealed off completely. It enables a clear passage of air between the inside and the outside of the frame. This is one of the reasons why this model is more sculptural than wearable because when the model is filled with water, the wearer cannot make any harsh moves or even bend his or her head as this would make the lid of the frames open, releasing the water within.

The use of model: “Empty” is various. In this particular case, the artist subtitled the model with the name: “Leakage” as he clearly palyed with the concept of water and fluidity.

Sunglassespreservation has the model in it’s archives, stored dry and “Empty”, for future reference. Rest assured though that Persona non Grata has more ideas of how to fill and react to his macheronic design creation. More will come soon.

The temples, frame, lenses and bridge are all made of plexiglass, laser cut and assembled in the shape Persona non Grata designed. Several metal screws and bolts were used to finish the prototype.

We find this model to be extremly poetic in it’s own right! It seems to us as though it represents a hollow space where visions and dreams could come true, literally right in front of your eyes! Like magic, the artist fills his field of vision with ideas that can be materialized by placing almost anything within the frames of his shades.

The sunglasses are split in two main color schemes. The upper half of the lenses is light blue, while the lower half is transparent, creating an interesting dicotomy where, once the lower half is filled, the eyes of the wearer are protected by a color shield, while the bottom half is left as an open canvas for ideas…

Please note that the water “puddle” the sunglasses were photographed on was added on purpose to create an illusion of “leakage”, as the subtitle of the model name suggests.

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