PIERRE CARDIN model “foldable” 60s

Pierre Cardin foldable model 60s © sunglassespreservation

Pierre Cardin foldable model 60s © sunglassespreservation

PIERRE CARDIN is the father of space age, but within his immense creative genious he also created so much more, including avant-garde sunglasses, molding new shapes and researching forms and ways to unite practical wear with sophisticated design and technical know-how!

The model we have here in our arcives is a brilliant example of how Pierre Cardin united the “saving space” factor to the elegance of folding sunglasses into a sculpture. In fact, it is difficult to chose which of the many shapes these shades fold into is more interesting and beautiful.

Pierre Cardin continues to produce fashion today and from time to time graces the word with a new model, as he did for his spring-summer 2011 collection with the “evolution” model, which you can see in sunglassespreservation archives here: EVOLUTION PIERRE CARDIN

The frame and temples are made of reddish-brown havanna acetate. The cut is perfect and it needed to be because the entire model folds in several points. The bridge bends in two, the temples bend in four parts each. Metal screws and covers make most of the bend mechanism and once the frame clasps together, you need to rotate the temples across the structure and over the lenses. Very ingenious technique! The most elegant touch, however, are the two assymetric frame ends. They have been designed to create an entire image of unity once the shades have been completely folded together. Very futuristic.

These sunglasses are over fifty years old and the previous owner has worn them quite a bit but they still managed to survive all these years and make it in beautiful condition to sunglassespreservation’s archive! To think that a model so old has withstood the test of time is just proof of how much sturdier and better sunglasses used to be once. Most of modern eyewear productions are based on quick assembly and sale. There is very little time left in our economy for too much attention to detail. If a brand allows themselves the right amount of attention to detail, then they may truly call themselves a luxury brand!

The right temple bares the inscription in white: “PIERRE CARDIN”. There is no visible model code or number printed on the shades.

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