Christian Dior model CD 2037 49B 90s

Christian Dior mod CD 2037 49B 90s © sunglassespreservation

Christian Dior mod CD 2037 49B 90s © sunglassespreservation

Christian Dior made some of the most beautiful sunglasses during it’s brands design history between the sixties and the nineties. It still surprises us today from time to time but its biggest elegant and extravagant achievments were between those years mentioned above.

In fact, Christian Dior model CD 2037 belongs to the elegant niche. These sunglasses were made with a lot of attention to detail. The frame is Optyl made with an extra golden metal layer surrounding the mat black. The bridge is golden metal and the temples are made of golden metal and black opaque Optyl. The biggest detail are the Christian DIor “CD” logos, one on each nose pad.

This model was produced in Austria, as stated on the inner left side of the temple, while the right inner temple carries the Chrisitan DIor inscription and logo. The outer front sides of the temples bare the nineties “CD” logos on them.

The lenses are of a warn brown reddish shade, very comfortable to wear and see through.

All in all, Christian Dior model CD 2037 belongs to the family of oval round frame shapes which look very sophisticated and elegant on almost all face types.

this model was created in the time when Gianfranco Ferré was still working as head designer for the brand. In fact, even though Dior sunglasses are mostly a franchise product, not directly designed by head designers, we can clearly see the influence that the different head designers have on the end result of the sunglasses designs. This makes us understand the difference in style and overall appeal that Dior shades went through when Ferrè left the brand, leaving it in the hands of John Galliano and later on to Hedi Slimane for the male collections and today Raf Simons.

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  1. Rick Vance said:

    I would like to know the price to purhase

    • They are not for sale. This is not a sale website! SUNGLASSESPRESERVATION is an archive of the best sunglasses. We commit to preserving them, not selling them.

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