CHANEL model A 40941 S1315 – “crystal oyster” – ss12

CHANEL mod A 40941 S1315 ss12 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL mod A 40941 S1315 ss12 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL model A 40941 was part of the boutique exclusive range, made for the spring/summer 2012 pret-a-porter collection. It was made for CHANEL, in Italy, by Luxottica and was available in three colors: S1315 (taupe beige, which you see in our collection here), S1314 (light beige) and S0133 (black with black crystals).

This specific model is the sister of the more famous CHANEL model  A 40942 S1314 – “the oyster jellyfish”, also included in our sunglassespreservation archives. Both underwater themed sunglasses were paired as the two exclusive CHANEL models in summer 2012.

Model A 40941 has a total of eighty-eight swarowski crystals implemented within it’s top frame section as well as front to middle top of both left and right temples. This is why we have decided to baptize this model: “crystal oyster”. The crystals are of a clear silver color and do not overpower the design as their position is strategically planned to only slightly reflect light, adding a touch of ocean surface sun shimmer effect.

Both models A 40942 and A 40941 deal with subtle understated elegance as both of them tend to hide their jewels rather than blatantly show them off.

The limited and rare colors used for CHANEL’s SS’12 acetates were light beige and taupe beige. These acetates are transluscent with a matte surface finish, giving one the impression of being jellyfish or squid like organic matter taken out of the sea. These color patterns are extremly seldomly used by CHANEL designers, which makes the entire SS’12 CHANEL boutique exclusive sunglass range a very rare and saught after set to collect.

CHANEL model A 40942 has been reproduced for regular eyewear retail in black and new colors. Colorways “light beige”, “taupe beige” and “light pink” were kept as bouitique exclusives while model A 40941 (crystal oyster) was kept a limited boutique exclusive in all three colorways. This makes model A 40941 (crystal oyster) the rarer of the two “underwater sisters”. In addition to that, model A 40941 has a futuristic frame-cut, between oval and circular, oversize, making it more fish-like than it’s sister model: A 40942.

The temples bare a double “C” logo, one on each side and the frame shows slightly lifted antropomorph fin-like protuberances above the upper right and left end corners.

This model is definitely one of CHANEL’s bigger attempts to subtly experiment in the field of shapes and archetypes.

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