CHANEL model 5135 c.1034/13 fw09

CHANEL mod 5135 c.1034/13 fw08 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL mod 5135 c.1034/13 fw08 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL model 5135 was produced in Italy by Luxottica, for regular authorized CHANEL eyewear retailers worldwide. This model was available in four principal colors: black (c.50187), blue (c.503/11), red (c.1034/13) and tortoise (c.50213).

Red has become one of CHANEL’s rarer colors as the use of red in CHANEL eyewear decreased from intense saturated red acetates in the nineties to a sobered down, darker version of red, in the late 00’s.

In fact, the red color we have added to the sunglassespreservation archives is a bit darker and less saturated than the usual pure reds we are used to see from vintage CHANEL shades. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful example of craftsmanship as the entire frame as well as most part of the temples are covered with metal tiny silver colored circular metal studs of two different sizes.

This model was also available as a boutique exclusive the same year, with the only and major difference being the material used to replace the metal studs. The boutique exclusive was, indeed, covered in strass crystals, following more or less the same patterns used to apply the metal studs to frame and temples, as seen on the model in our archives.

The cut of these shades is very simple and elegant as the bridge blends in with the length of the entire frames in one straight line. No curves were used to bend or add additional ornaments to the overall design of the model. This straight line over the bridge makes these aviator cut shades a very unisex model, where only the colors of the acetate make a difference as to how much these shades end up catching people’s eyes.

The red color is the most representative of the experimentalism CHANEL designers use to create new models for CHANEL boutiques as well as authorized dealers.

The temples bare each a double “C” silver metal logo on them, as well as a large quantity of silver metal studs. The inner end of each temple bares an additional golden metal double “C” logo within the acetate, visible through a light transparency. This detail has been photographed for you to see in our archive image library at the bottom of this model’s presentation.

The fact that model 5135 was not a CHANEL boutique exclusive does not take away any of it’s quality. In fact, the identity authenticity number too is lasered onto the left lens. The lenses are graduated from a darker brown to a lighter brow/red tone and have the CHANEL logos printed on both left and ight sides.

The metal studs poking out of the acetate, when seen from certain angles, remind us of anfibious skin or luxurious postules protruding from a very elegantly deformed acetate skin. Sometimes the aesthetic of deformation can be very attractive as is the case with these simple, yet sophisticated sunglasses.

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