VERSACE model 527/S color 523 – “medusa chains” – 90s

VERSACE mod 527 S col 523 90s © sunglassespreservation.jpg

VERSACE mod 527 S col 523 90s © sunglassespreservation.jpg

VERSACE model 527/S is a very special pair of sunglasses produced in the late nineties as we can see from the type of logo VERSACE used on the frames. Gianni VERSACE changed his logo several times during his career. His sister Donatella VERSACE keeps doing so herself.

What you see here is the second of two colors made for this model. Sunglassespreservation also has the black version of this exact model. You can see the black version here.

These shades are a sort of hybrid between a mask and sunglasses. The frames are just a mask that is held to the face by two sturdy metal chains at the end of which hang two heavy metal Medusa heads (one on each chain). When we first saw these beauties, we thought they would not fit well and firm on the face but we were mistaken! These shades are very well conceived designwise as well as “wear-wise”. They are comfortable and have a perfect grip on the face without ever leaving any marks on the skin as often is the case with classic built sunglasses with plastic or metal firm temples that are screwed in too tightly to the frames or that are bent too close to each other in the factory of origin.

The comfort of VERSACE model 527/S is a very pleasant surprise! In fact we do not understand why companies don’t produce more of this sort of glasses?! They are editorial but only because very rare. If more of these were to get produced, we believe that they would become more mainstream and less special. So as far as collectability goes, this model is rare but it is a pitty it is rare because of its astonishing comfort. You can even dance with them on and jump around, they still will not fly off your nose.

Once on the face, the chains are long enough to create an effect of dangling earrings with Medusa heads hanging from behind the ears. A very pleasent alternative to piercing the ears and having to deal with uncomfortable clip-on earrings. The chains are very flexible and due to their intertwined structure remind us of snake scales, slithering snakes attached to Medusa’s deadly head!

Model 527/S, color 523 permitted us to notice that the frame is made of plastic and not acetate. The white plastic has been laquered in a warm yellow color, leaving two small unlaquered spots around the area where the silver metal medusa chains had to be positioned into and glued to the back side of the frame.

Needless to say, VERSACE made and keeps making amazing shades (even if most of the amazing models are boutique exclusives only!). So we can’t wait to see the future developments of the Italian luxury brand’s boutique exclusive sunglass models.

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