CHANEL model A 40962 S1401 – “N°5 lenses” – fw12

CHANEL mod A40962 S1401 fw12 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL mod A40962 S1401 fw12 © sunglassespreservation

CHANEL model A 40962 is an interesting experimental pair of shades. They were made for the crystal mountain futuristic fairy burgundy inspired CHANEL fall/winter 2012 pret-a-porter collection. In fact, the color of this particular model is very unusual for CHANEL’s usual color palettes. It is interesting that these boutique exclusive shades were produced in only two colors (the burgundy/black version we are writing about here and the fully black version, also included in the sunglassespreservation archives). Boutique exclusives are usually made in only one or three to four colors.

Model A 40962’s color code: S1401 was added to the CHANEL fw12 eyewear collection because of the overal appeal almost all big fashion houses went for for their fall/winter 2012 collections. That appeal is the color burgundy!

Burgundy was the most used color in winter 2012. It covered skirts, jackets, pants, accessories of all kinds. Among these accessories is this futuristic looking, five lenses baring, pair of CHANEL shades.

These sunglasses have an interesting mix of burgundy and black blending into one another quite drammatically. A very daring, bordering to kitsch, blend of colors for a fashion house that has made elegance its first word in the vocabulary.

Model A 40962 is sister to just one more CHANEL boutique exclusive model made available in fw12: A 40958, aka “the crystal painter”, also available in sunglassespreservation archives. Both models’ temples were made in the shape of crystals, slightly assymetric and thicker at the junction with the frames. Both models have an experimental way of resolving the attachment of the temples to the frame by cutting the acetate frames in at the sides, allowing the temples to fit in the slits within the frames. Only when the sunglasses are open and the temples are folded out are the frames full and the slits on the sides are closed.

There was one more CHANEL boutique exclusive model made for winter 2012 but as it was a ski mask it did not mirroir any part of the crystal inspired shapes Lagerfeld chose to play with for that specific collection.

Sunglassespreservation baptized CHANEL model A 40962 as “N°5 lenses”. We did this because the most special aspect of these shades are it’s five lenses. In fact, these sunglasses have two central lenses where the wearer actually looks through. Then there are two smaller lower lenses underneath the main central ones (attached separately and not part of the main central lenses) and one upper lens, not spilt into two but held as one piece connecting the right and left side of the sunglasses. This fifth lens is also part of the bridge of these amazing shades and is also an extra piece, not attached to the central lenses.

Both temples bare a small double silver metal “C” logo on the outer side and the CHANEL insignia on the inside right temple as well as the land of production (Italy), model and color codes on the inside left temple.

Model A 40962 was made in Italy by Luxottica and were CHANEL boutique exclusives. It bares the authenticity identification number lasered into the back of the right central lense. CHANEL inscriptions are lasered on the outer side of each one of the two central lenses.

The fact that these shades are mostly made up of lenses and very little acetate frame, makes them much lighter than other CHANEL sunglasses.

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