PERSONA NON GRATA model 001. Denial 2013

PERSONA NON GRATA mod 001. Denial 2013 ph.© sunglassespreservation

PERSONA NON GRATA mod 001. Denial 2013 ph.© sunglassespreservation

Young multi-talented artist, Persona non Grata, has designed and produced this incredible and complex pair of shades that go by the model number/name: “001. Denial”

Model 001. Denial is made of two yellow toned and one transparent plastic layer, laser cut and put together by metal screws and hinges. Many hours of calculation and fine-tuning went into designing, laser cutting and ultimately screwing and glueing all the tiny pieces together.

The shape of the lenses resemble camera light shutters as the wearer may decide how far he or she wishes to open or shut the lenses in order to let more or less sun filter through to the eyes. This means that a special mechanism needed to be implemented into the build of the shades in order to allow the user to manipulate parts of the sunglasses frame in order to open or close the two shutters.

The shutter mechanism is sealed in the back by a layer of thin transparent plastic which protects the wearer’s eyes and at the same time stabilazes the shutters into place.

Model 001. Denial has been produced by Persona non Grata as a pre-prototype in 2012 but has since then been further fine-tuned by Persona non Grata with the help and support of architect Cesar Augusto Cotta. What you see here in our sunglassespreservation archives is the first model of the first official run of “001. Denial”. The first run included four pairs:

1- textured translucent/red

2- light yellow/dark yellow (included in sunglassespreservation archives)

3- purple/yellow

4- light yellow/green

Sunglassespreservation is proud to include these unique sunglasses into our archives as we believe that every breakthrough in design improvement and expression of passion towards the art of shade making is more than worthy to be included into eyewear design history memory.

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