PIERRE CARDIN model 30/7 white 1981

PIERRE CARDIN mod 30/7 white 1981 sunglassespreservation

PIERRE CARDIN mod 30/7 white 1981 sunglassespreservation

PIERRE CARDIN first made these ski goggles back in 1981, for James Bond in the the movie: “For your eyes only”. Roger Moore, who played James Bond, wore the black version of these ski goggles. The film production decided to exchange the PIERRE CARDIN covered headband straps for a simple black logoless version. The retail model was produced with PIERRE CARDIN logos intact all throughout the band.

Special agent 007’s ski goggles did, however, have the PIERRE CARDIN logos intact on both sides of the rubber frame.

Model 30/7 was produced in several colors, including white, red and black. All three colors are included in the sunglassespreservation archives. These ski goggles were produced in west Germany, as stated on the bottom of the product.

The headband straps are securely tightened by golden metal PIERRE CARDIN logo intarsed clips.

The overall construction of these shades is very sturdy and well produced as usually softer plastics from the seventies and eighties become britle and fall apart but that is not the case with this particular model as the deadstock we have in our archives is still in extremly good condition and does not show signs of aging and wear. The only weak spot are the glues used to combine all the parts together as these have yellowed in time. Even though they have yellowed, they still fullfill their purpose of glueing perfectly.

The goggles have holes on both the upper and lower parts of the frame to permit air ventilation while the wearer is moving and skiing. The ventilation parts are covered up with a thin layer of black foam. The foam is the most delicate part of these shades.

The back part of the frame is padded with real authentic soft leather lining which fits perfectly to the face without leaving any traces of pressure no matter how long you keep these goggles on. Today’s ski goggles almost never have leather used in their manufacturing. That is a pitty as leather is still today the softest material for our skin.

The PIERRE CARDIN ski goggles came in white cotton pouches with light blue PIERRE CARDIN logos printed on them. They were distributed by ALPINA.

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