BERNHARD WILLHELM model DAISUKÉ MD1 gold flash ss13

BERNHARD WILLHELM mod DAISUKÉ col MD1 gold flash ss13 sunglassespreservation

BERNHARD WILLHELM mod DAISUKÉ col MD1 gold flash ss13 sunglassespreservation

HAPPY SHOP helped us pull this one off and gave us first pick on the upcoming BERNHARD WILLHELM ss13 “DAISUKÉ” visors. This visor was made in collaboration with BERNHARD WILLHELM and Berlin based eyewear manufacturer MYKITA and is available is three official colors: frame always black and the visor shades are: dark grey flash, green solid and gold flash.

We, of course, went for the gold solid as it best represents the collection as well as being the one collor combination that most inspires us when we see it. It is reminiscent of good quality sci-fi flicks where good and evil can both win as they might be wearing the same gear, just in different colors!

Tha material used for the frame is the patented “MYLON”. The MYLON frames are obtained through the so called selective laser sintering (SRS), which allows the use of not only one type of material but expands the range to plastic, metal, nylon and steel. This process includes the use of a laser beam for the extrusion part of the manufacturing process.

In other words, not only MYKITA but other brands or better yet, designers have begun to experiment with the relatively new form of 3D printing on a more or less sophisticated level. 3D printing of sunglasses does not yet allow the manufacturing of prescription lenses but technology advances quicker with every passing hour so all is to be expected sooner rather than later.

Designers like Asher Levine had gone a step further and produced 3D printed shades with a perforated lens during his fw12 fashion show, on the catwalk, making the act of production through 3D printing a gesture of style and a statement that the future might possibly bring us the total freedom of choice when it comes to choosing the garment we wish to wear. Just moments before leaving our homes to go out… all we will need to do is select shapes, styles and colors, then push a button and in a few seconds our clothes will magically appear in front of our eyes.

But back to reality! For now we pretty much still have only experimental machines which produce or better yet “print” frames for us to wear.  The “DAISUKÉ” model is no exception except for the lenses which still cannot be produced the same way the frames are.

However, besides the groundbreaking technology used to create the frame we would like to point out the genius behind the construction of the angle between the nose piece (bridge) and the lens/visor. In fact, the visor sits perfectly on the nose, it is comfortable and the angle at which the visor lens is placed perfectly covers the upper part of the face without touching the skin, curved to a degree where the wearer hears him or herself as if amplified while they talk. It is as if higher engineering was at hand here. Unfortunately most fashion related posts and articles about this model will probably never even mention the fact that there has been a bit of thought put behind it’s construction.

The temples fold at the point where they meet the frame and here MYKITA also has their own metal system of hinging which fits snuggly inside the MYLON material. The direct piece of MYLON sitting on the nose has two little pad like cushions made of a different sort of plastic or rubber which adds a lot the overall high-end appeal of this product.

The only negative side is that due to the size of “DAISUKÉ”, MYKITA and/or BERNHARD WILLHELM opted for using a hard cardboard box as packaging and did not produce a plastic protective case for them. Considering that at least two of the three visors are covered with a reflective coating, they are very delicate and susceptible to scratches. Just a cotton pouch with a nice print and soft inner cover are not enough to help this product withstand time and use.

As far as BERNHARD WILLHELM goes, we also have in our archives the model BW003, made in collaboration with LINDA FARROW for his ss08 collection.

“DAISUKÉ” by BERNHARD WILLHELM in collaboation with MYKITA will soon be available at HAPPY SHOP! You can already contact them for your pre-order!

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