SILHOUETTE “Sunlimited” model “pearl” 90s

SILHOUETTE sunlimited "pearls" 90s sunglassespreservation

SILHOUETTE sunlimited “pearls” 90s sunglassespreservation

Austria’s SILHOUETTE eyewear company has made it’s name with the ultra cult “FUTURA” sunwear collection in the seventies. They have never topped those models but have nevertheless kept themselves indipendent and strong on the eyewear market, developing new technologies and metal materials throughout the years. In fact, SILHOUETTE is one of the rare companies that can still claim themselves indipendent on 2012’s market.

The sunglasses we have here are from a subbrand of SILHOUETTE from the nineties, called: “Sunlimited” and subtitled: “all eye need”. The concept of this collection was to have interchangeable pieces so that one could collect more of them and then swap and change the different parts each model had to offer to make your own personalized sunglasses.

This was a popular gimmick in the late eighties and early nineties as brands such as, among others,  Swatch and Carrera both offered sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, bridges and temples.

As the “interchangeable craze” mellowed down, all companies stopped producing this type of shades.

The “pearl” model we have in our sunglassespreservation archives is special as it unites sporty mirroired lenses to a softer material such as pearls, which in this case are attached to the bottom of the temples. An interesting blend of genres and materials as these sunglasses are made of mold injected plastic with the tips of the temples made of an additional soft rubbery plastic.

The frame opens up to separate the golden from the violet plastic and the temples can also be taken off. The pearls are firmly screwed and glued to the temples and do not come off. The violet or purple part of the plastic is semi transparent while the golden plastic is not. There are exactly five pearls attached per temple and the temples are also made of non transparent plastic and purple rubber coating on top of the temples.

The shape of the frame reminds us of the Ray Ban Wayfarer model only more elongated with less of a protruding angle to the front.

The sophisticated touch about the “Sunlimited” collection is that each model of sunglasses came in its own plastic hard cover which had the same colors the shades did. This addition gave more identity to each product. Many and almost all companies today have stopped giving their shades a different cover box per model. Today’s money saving tendency is to make a uniform package that can fit as many models as possible. This is a backdrop in quality for many brands from Linda Farrow to Chanel!

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