Christian Dior model 2230 70 Optyl 80s

Christian DIor mod 2230 col 70 80s sunglassespreservation

Christian DIor mod 2230 col 70 80s sunglassespreservation

After the exclusive contract between Christian Dior and America’s TURA eyewear manufacturer expired, a new material and brand hit the European market and with it took over the Dior license and that brand was OPTYL!

Optyl was a new material, very sturdy, easily moldable and extremly durable without drying out and discoloring. In fact, one of the reasons we have decided to include Dior model 2230 70 into the sunglassespreservation archives and collection is the fact that white colored artificial materials are the most delicate and the most damageable in time. Optyl sunglasses from the late sixties, seventies and eighties are still today (2012) durable and elastic! In fact, model Dior 2230 70, in our archives, is still perfectly white, lucid and elastic without any discoloration to the outside surface of the frame and temples.The inner part of these sunglasses was made of a transparent yellowish Optyl material and had been added a lucid white coating that has been perfectly preserved in time.

White is also a very typical color for the eighties as it is bold and daring because whoever wears it always becomes “larger than life” as white enlarges and expandes anything it covers as well as its surroundings! Truth be told: if black jeans make you look skinnier and white jeans thicker, you must know that the same rule applies for black and white sunglasses!

Dior Optyl shades were produced partially in Austria and partially in Germany. This particular model has been made in Germany as the stamp on the right inner temple states. The frame is made into a diamond shape making these sunglasses almost unwearable by anybody as diamond cut frames are the most difficult to fit any head and face shape. We are still looking for a person who these shades fit well. Nevertheless they are an ingenuous piece of design craftmanship as they stand alone, as a sculpture perfectly well.

The temples are also trimmed in a simil diamond cut mixed with a paper fold technique. The three dimensional feel to the trim of the temples adds a lot of depth when sun and light fall over these shades at a certain angle giving a sophisticated drammatic touch to the overall look of the sunglasses.

The temples don’t even have metal wires inserted within their core because Optyl doesn’t need added stability.

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