JEREMY SCOTT by LINDA FARROW mod BONE col 1 ss10 sunglassespreservation

JEREMY SCOTT by LINDA FARROW mod BONE col 1 ss10 sunglassespreservation

JEREMY SCOTT and Linda Farrow teamed up in summer 2010 to make the “bone” sunglasses. These shades match JEREMY SCOTT’S ss10 “Flinstone” inspired collection as they seem to be taken out of a cartoon and given to humans to wear. The effect is witty, funny and never dark or goth despite the bone theme! The quality is good as they are very sturdy, considering that they were produced in China. We do not appreciate the fact that there is no stamp on the sunglasses that clearly indicates the land of origin and production. It is as if Linda Farrow would be embarassed to state that this model was produced in China.

The fact that they were not made in Europe makes it very hard to justify such a high retail price but nevertheless these shades prove that JEREMY SCOTT has a lot of talent when it comes to synthesizing pop into design and simplifying the forms to such a degree so that the object worn allows the wearer to shine, despite its strong presence. JEREMY SCOTT “bones” down the ornaments so much to allow the character of the wearer to shine through. That is a talent very few creative people have.

The standard Linda Farrow packaging used for these shades lacks in creative incentive and quality as these sunglasses come in a carton box, with a plastic bag pouch and nothing more. There is no hard-case to protect them.

The frame and temples are made of plastic. The frame has the shape of two vertebral bones taken from a huge mammal and emptied of their center. The temples seem like two cartoon-y leg bones or such. The temples have two cut-in lines to give them some contrast while the frame has minor layering which shows minimal contrast when put under the right light angle.

Originally, three colorways were available: “Ivory”, “cream” and “brown cream”. Both “cream” and “brown cream” were more textured then the ivory model due to the mesh colors used but were also less cartoony and in no way close to the “Flinstone” cartoon look JEREMY SCOTT was originally going for. The “ivory” colored model, on the other hand, perfectly represents the mood and vibe of the entire JEREMY SCOTT ss10 collection. Plain colors, simple patterns, no shading and bright one toned garments with the only addition of “Flinstone” like stripes.

These sunglasses are a very particular example of JEREMY SCOTT’S creative process of copying and regiving new life to all of occidental culture and pop heritage. He knows how to utilise our society’s symbols very well, making them always actual and yet always apparently harmless. His fashion in general is very playfull and friendy and that is something we definitely lack in our world today.

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