VERSACE model 2131 1252/45 – “Etoile de la mer” – ss12

VERSACE mod 2131 col 1252 45 etoile de la mer ss12 sunglassespreservation

VERSACE mod 2131 col 1252 45 etoile de la mer ss12 sunglassespreservation

VERSACE and LUXOTTICA have made a new style of shades that is supposed to reflect the “urban mermaid” and her need for sunglasses as she swims out of her trendy water realm and decides to hit the streets of any given capital that knows fashion!

The result is an interesting concoction of materials and colors. These shades are made of acetate, plastic and metal and were made in many different colors. The one we chose to add to the sunglassespreservation archives bares the lenses that fade from dark ocean blue to a shallow sea green as we believe these colors to best represent the water and all that comes with and out of it. The other palettes available were light rose brown, dark grey, purple and brown gold.

The metal parts are almost entirely covered with a thin layer of plastic or acetate and look like they might have been built under water. The effect of an accessory for mermaids is really well executed.

The light golden-toned medusa heads are three dimensional and are present both on the outside as well as the inside of the temples. They are surrounded by a dark ocean blue enamel color, framed within a pale gold circle.

The temples are elegantly made and attach to the frame via screws and a hinge that has been given a beautiful additional greca motif ornament to it. The greca motif is tiny and subtle but proves that each detail of these shades has been masterfully thought through!

We believe the metal ornament attached on the top of the frame and over the bridge was meant to carry a VERSACE medusa head logo within its circle, in the middle, as do the two circles with the same shape on both temples. If this has been the case, we strongly suggest VERSACE’s team to revisit these shades as the addition of the medusa head on the bridge, within the pale gold circle, would elevate these sunglasses to pure cult status and would make them even stronger then some of the more memorable VERSACE models from the early nineties Gianni era!

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