Christian Dior model 2043 60 Optyl 70s

Dior mod 2043 60 Optyl 70s Austria sunglassespreservation

Dior mod 2043 60 Optyl 70s Austria sunglassespreservation

Christian Dior model 2043, color 60 is a very innovative and avant-garde model not only for the seventies when it was produced! In fact, we believe these amazing shades to still be one of the more forward going and design-innovation pushing models ever produced. We say this considering that our criteria were the age of the sunglasses, the day to day wearability and symbiosis with any wearer’s face.

These shades were made in Austria in the seventies. They are built of Optyl and are still extremly sturdy about fourty years after their construction. The shine and intensity of the green are amazing. They seem made of glow-y organic slime, put elegantly together with mechanical looking black lacquered lines and frames.

The frame is molded out of one piece of Optyl plastic and the bridge appears to have undergone an oversized mutation and is now hovering above the lenses, only attached to them at the outer extremes, giving the impression of a legament or other sort of oganic tissue attached to other two organs (framed lenses).

The lenses are a beautiful faded blue and contrast elegantly to the green and black colors the frame and temples are made and colored with. Their shape is an interesting mix of both rounded and sharp cut corners and edges.

Each one of the two temples bares the metal “CD” logo on the outer front parts.

This is another example, together with model CD 2024 11 of Christian Dior’s and Optyl’s seventies futuristic alien vision. These sunglasses seem to be a result of an organic experiment mixed with elements of higher technology. The higher technology elements being in this case the black lacquered additions to the acid transparent green Optyl material.

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