Christian Dior model “monsieur” 2024 11 Optyl 70s

Dior mod monsieur 2024 11 Optyl 70s Germany sunglassespreservation

Dior mod monsieur 2024 11 Optyl 70s Germany sunglassespreservation

Christian Dior model 2024, color 11, Optyl made sunglasses were produced in Germany and were part of the “Monsieur” collection for men as stated on the inner side of the right temple. The shape of the frame is very 70’s and would appear dated if worn in 2012 but because of it’s typical 70’s properties, this model makes for a perfect example of design and color from that era.

Optyl made sunglasses, in “optyl” patented material, are very sturdy and have a special shiny glow to them, even today, over forty years after their production. They are oversized and tend to take away a bit of definition to the wearer’s face as they are rounded in every part of their structure. Even on a bigger, rounder face they still dominate fully and add even more roundness to any facial features.

The color used to fill the frames is a special mix of brown and green tones with hints of burgundy.The structure results almost alien like on camera as if they were covered with an anfibious skin or a streched frame from a celluloid shot from space travel sequences from “2001, a space odyssey”. In fact, the patern on the frame is almost psychedelic, reminiscent of acid trips from way back in the late sixties. The choice of color and paterns was very daring for Dior in those years.

The temples are made of the same material the frame is made of. Each temple has a “CD” logo in metal attached to them, in the font used in the 70’s for most Dior eyewear.

We wonder what were further thoughts that went into making this model and why certain choices were made. But we are glad that these shades were produced as they create a feeling of organic and/or biologic shapes put together through alien chemical processes to obtain one solid organic sun protector for the face… be it a human or an alien face…

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