HENRIK VIBSKOV with MEDWINDS model “on the beach” GLA01-001 fw11 / ss12

HENRIK VIBSKOV with MEDWINDS mod GLA01 on the beach ss12 sunglassespreservation

HENRIK VIBSKOV with MEDWINDS mod GLA01 on the beach ss12 sunglassespreservation

HENRIK VIBSKOV is famous for his collections with witty creative titles and themes that vary from dreams to film-like narratives. The sunglasses we have added to the sunglassespreservation archives are an intriguing clash of many stories and genres.

They appear to be a blend between classic round horn (acetate) glasses and a pair of sun-protectant lenses which seem to have been put under the influence of “spaghettifying” in front of a black hole. The sun-protectant lenses clip on to the horn-style frame via four little hinges covered in plastic.

The layering of this model is interesting. When we add the sun-protectant lenses to the glass frames, we get a new story. In fact we remembered characters from Betty-Boop’s wacky world and think the shape of the shades look exactly like the eyes of many cartoon characters form the 30’s.

Another look we see is clown-like eyes, but with all the colors toned down to classic eyewear patterns of light and dark brown, acetate, green and golden metal.

The shades do not have any indication on them as to where they were produced which makes us think they probably might have been produced in China. But we do give them the benefit of a doubt in regards to where they have been manufactured. They do not appear to be too sturdy and require a lot of care when handled and worn. The lenses do not clip off too easily when worn on the frames but bare in mind that when worn in heat under the sun the metal and plastic expand a bit and could become loose so you might lose your cartoon-y lenses in the middle of the street which would be a pitty as the lenses are the most interesting part of this model.

The first prototype of this model was presented at HENRIK VIBSKOV’s fall-winter 2011 fashion show. The original frame and temples were white and the lenses seemed a bit longer on the face. The model that went into retail turned tortoise and the lenses shortened just a tad bit. Now that VIBSKOV teamed up with Spanish based brand MEDWINDS, this model has finally hit production and retail. This is an example of oldschool design production where it does not matter if a certain design has been presented a couple years back by the same designer. Objects that behold a certain beauty sometimes need time to see the light of day. They also prove that there still is a way to defy the tremendous speed in which fashion divours itself and most of what has to do with it.

HENRIK VIBSKOV managed to create a new concept in the sunglass world rather than a new material quality product. In fact, these shades are incredibly beautiful and tickle our intellect as well as imagination on many different levels but they do not represent high quality in craftsmanship and definition. The innovation lays within the transformation of facial contures when wearing them.

So may this be a beginning of something new, an incentive to research more because there is so much more to be invented and developed when it comes to sunglasses! Only the tip of the iceberg has been exposed. There is so much more to come!

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