Anna dello Russo for H&M model 62271 – the crocodile – fw12

Anna dello Russo for HM mod 62271 fw12 sunglassespreservation

Anna dello Russo for HM mod 62271 fw12 sunglassespreservation

Anna dello Russo for H&M’s most celebrated sunglass model is the so called “crocodile”, model number 62271. These shades were made in China and are, together with model 62269 the most expensive sunglasses H&M retailed to date! They are still, nevertheless, in an afordable price zone.

The quality of this pair of sunglasses is relatively sturdy. The two crocodiles are screwed by two screws each to the black plastic frame. The golden metal crocodiles are tempested with little transparent and yellow bijoux crystals. The crocodile’s eyes are bigger versions of the same crystals the body is covered with. The bridge has four rows of even tinier crystals attached to it. We believe these crystals are very delicately attached to the metal and they could easily fall off so caution is advised when wearing these shades.

The temples are made of plastic. The right temple has a golden metal logo plate attached to it. The golden metal plate reads: “A.d.R. for H&M”. The plastic frame is lightyears away from sturdy glossy thick acetates but it is thick and seems to be quite sturdy.

These shades sold out online and in H&M stores within a few hours on the date of release on October 4th 2012. They have been widely promoted and have been the most popular of all three models Anna dello Russo envisioned for H&M.

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