Anna dello Russo for H&M model 62269 fw12

Anna dello Russo for HM mod 62269 fw12 sunglassespreservation

Anna dello Russo for HM mod 62269 fw12 sunglassespreservation

Anna dello Russo for H&M model 62269 fw12 was made in China and is part of a capsule collection Anna dello Russo designed for the Swedish low cost fashion company. They are made of plastic and golden metal. The various parts are held together by several golden metal screws and the lenses are lightly mirrored in a warm bronze tone.

The quality of these shades is not very high but nevertheless sturdy enough to fulfill standars in a low price range. The big amount of metal in the glasses makes them very heavy and not comfortable to wear for a longer period of time but as Anna dello Russo says in her music video which aired as promo for her accessory capsule collection for H&M: “if fashion is comfortable, you never get the look!” So we agree that these shades are fashion and can do for a snappy look. They are very reminiscent of CHANEL’s 90’s model 0027 or model 01456 but with a VERSACE-esque baroque twist.

This model is nothing new in sunglass design history but it is a daring model, considering many uninteresting releases for fw12. The lenses are screwed to the golden metal frame via golden metal screws. The temples are screwed to the golden metal baroque leaves which are then screwed to the golden metal frame. The lense is made of one unique piece of plastic.

The packaging of all Anna dello Russo’s collection for H&M is very nice and collection worthy. We get an intense blue carton box to slide open via a silky golden tassel. Inside we get the sunglasses wrapped in plastic and tied to a velvety blue background via three rubber strings. Two of which are blue and one black.

The big manco for these shades is the absence of a plastic sunglasses pouch which can be opened and closed. But the pretty white soft cleaning cloth with baroque gold prints does balance out the missing pouch box. We haven’t taken the plastic protection cover off the chain of the sunglasses as this has been put on them before the chains were attached to the temples. The chains cannot be detached from the temples so in order to take the protection plastic tube off it must be cut, which would make it impossible to put it back on again.

This is the most expensive pair of sunglasses H&M has produced to date.

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