LOUIS VUITTON – Yayoi Kusama model “waves rond” Z0480W ss12

LOUIS VUITTON - Yayoi Kusama waves rond model Z0480W ss12 sunglassespreservation

LOUIS VUITTON – Yayoi Kusama waves rond model Z0480W ss12 sunglassespreservation

LOUIS VUITTON collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has brought several fashion creations to the market, including some great and other less great results. There have been three Yayoi Kusama sunglass models developed for the capsule collection and we have chosen “waves rond” Z0480W as the most representative and archive worthy of the three. The fact that the round lenses of this model perfectly represent Kusama’s dots in a pratctical way helped us making the decision.

These sunglasses are of a higher quality. They are hand made in Italy of a very sturdy acetate layered in three levels and polished. It is balck, polka dotted black and white and a transparent coating in high glossy optic. The temples are connected to the frame via golden brass LOUIS VUITTON hinges which were inspired by their typical “S locks”.

The right lens has a lasered “LV” logo impressed into it while both left and right temples carry diverse insignia and names on the inner sides. The right one carries the model number as well as the identification number (unique to this model) while the left one carries Yayoi Kusama’s signature as well as LOUIS VUITTON’S logo and the “hand made in Italy” description.

The shades come in a beautiful brown carton drawer box which is adorned with a yellow, black polka-dotted Yayoi Kusama gift ribbon. Inside the brown drawer box you find the brown “pleather” container in which the sunglasses are safely stored.

We have a couple remarks about the packaging: The “pleather” container and it’s inside cheap velvety inlay were made in China and not in Italy. This is unacceptable for a Luxury brand product coming from Louis Vuiton! Another point is that you do not receive a cloth to clean the shades. You only receive an extra soft pouch to place the shades into. These two mankos are pretty bad and show us that, in comparison, brands like CHANEL still rule the luxury brand world by proving that luxury is indeed in the details like giving the clients pouches, cloths and containers strictly made in Italy, with the softest velvet inlays there are on the market!

However, the sunglasses are made with extreme craftsmanship and taste and deserve to be archived in the Olymp of sunglass history.

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