CAZAL model 644 90s

CAZAL mod 644 90s sunglassespreservation

CAZAL mod 644 90s sunglassespreservation

CAZAL model 644 from the nineties was made in Germany and represents what CAZAL has been doing least and that is to say round frames and round lenses. This type of shades was indeed a rare treat in the CAZAL universe and is still today represents a remarkable design and technological construction.

This model is made of golden metal, acetate and resin all put together to form a patchwork of materials exhalting the wearer’s face in a sophisticated manner.

It is difficult to describe the construction of these sunglasses. The frame has a metal skeleton body on which a resinous plastic is placed and screwed by golden screws in the proximity of the bridge. Each eye has a different plastic upper frame and besides the one screw securing the plastic to the metal, there are also two tiny golden metal hooks and one bigger golden metal hook as an extension of the temples, one on each side, helping hold the plastic onto the frame.

The temples are made of golden metal with an extruding CAZAL logo, one on each side. The rest of the tepmles is covered with acetate and screwed to the golden metal part of the temples via two golden metal screws. Each plastic and acetate used with this model are in tortrtoise style.

The lenses are a light brown shade and originally carried the CAZAL logo on the outer upper left lens. The model in ou collection does not carry the logo any more as it is a vintage piece and the logo does rub off easily when the lenses are cleaned regularly. The lenses are very far apart one from the other creating an abstract effect on the wearer.

CAZAL has begun re-releasing past models from their glorious eighties and nineties collections but model 644 has not yet seen an official re-issue making it an expensive collectors item. This could change quickly as the market develops.

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