CHANEL model 01452 94305 90s

CHANEL mod 01452 col 94305 sunglasses preservation 90s

CHANEL mod 01452 col 94305 sunglasses preservation 90s

CHANEL model 01452, color 94305 (glossy black) was first made in the very late 80’s with the following model number: 0006. It has been redone in the early nineties using a new five digit coding system for CHANEL sunglasses as well as new color coding.

These shades were available in glossy black, opaque black, opaque white, glossy white, glossy red and glossy tortoise.

This is, together with CHANEL models 01450, 01451 and 01453 the most classic of all CHANEL sunglasses and one of the most produced in the past as well as one of the easiest to find vintage pieces of CHANEL sunglass history. They can get pricey if in new, pristine condition but can mostly be found in an afordable price range as the market is still fairly filled with them.

The acetate the fames and temples are made of is very thick and sturdy. The frame is attached to the temples via the second generation of hinges which are sometimes still used to attach temples to frames. There are two double “C” logos made of golden metal, screwed, one to each outer side of the temples by two golden metal screws.

The model present in our sunglassespreservation archives has never been used and still has the original CHANEL boutique sticker carrying the boutique’s own code as well as price (6900 Belgium Francs, which were converted later on by CHANEL to 175 Euro). 175 Euro was their price when they were re-released in the nineties in CHANEL boutiques worldwide. It is interesting to notice how the CHANEL brand holds tough on collector’s markets as many pieces do not lose their value even almost twenty years after their release.

These sunglasses were made in Italy and were CHANEL boutique exclusives as back in the nineties no optitians had licenses to retail CHANEL eyewear. The were produced for several years as in that period CHANEL had a range of sunglasses produced in rotation and from time to time a so called “fashion” model made for one season only.

This model was used in Pedro Almodovar’s 1991 beautiful movie: “Tacones lejanos” where the main actress Victoria Abril, dressed in CHANEL from head to toe, wears these shades in the red glossy matellassé version from the first production series with model number: 0005, color 40.

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