MOSCHINO model M253 90s

MOSCHINO mod S253 sunglasses 90s

MOSCHINO mod S253 sunglasses 90s

MOSCHINO model M253 made by Persol (RATTI) in Italy. We believe these sunglasses to be made in the eighties but since we still have no proof of that, we will conform with what all other online portals state and that is that these shades are from the nineties.

MOSCHINO sunglasses used to be very daring and provocative. But most of all they used to be innovative! under Franco Moschino’s leadership and Persol (RATTI) making. Persol was sold to LUXOTTICA at a certain point in time and became a brand of sunglasses. MOSCHINO passed to LUXOTTICA and eventually moved on to be made by another company and is now a mere shadow of itsself as the latest models coming out of the brand are very disappointing and uninteresting.

MOSCHINO sunglasse’s past, however, is extremly interesting and these beautiful and rare shades come straight from the glory days of sunglass art!

This model is adorned with four big plastic crystal stones held in place on the temples by golden colored metal “claw” hinges within a twirled golden frame and four little crystal stones, two in yellow and two transparent. The frames are made of heavy acetate. This model was available in several colors: red/brown frames with red heart crystal stones and green emerald plastc stones, blue/purple frames and green heart shaped stone and red ruby plastic stones and a black model with both variations of the plastic stone colorways.

Even the pouch they come in resembles the power of MOSCHINO’s wittiness. The golden pouch beholds a black print: “Out of sight, out of mind!” but the correct translation should have been: “Far from eyes, far from heart!”, in fact the other side of the pouch beholds the correct italian sentence: “Lontano dagli occhi, lontano dal cuore!”. Now, we know this is a litteral translation but it is necessery to understand why the choice of heart shaped crystals positioned onto the temples, behind the reach of the wearer’s eyes. The wit was amazing!

After Franco Moschino passed, a lot of MOSCHINO’s strength passed with him and the brand is not strong as it used to be. It lacks a sympathetic outgoing talented daring designer that will not be afraid to brake all conventions and provoke for the sake of distorted beauty which once used to be the glorious brand of MOSCHINO! The shades shown here, in sunglassespreservation archives, are the exact symbol of that amazing time that has, alas, long passed!

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