CHANEL model 01450 91235 90s

CHANEL mod 01450 sunglasses 90s

CHANEL mod 01450 sunglasses 90s

CHANEL sunglasses model 01450 color 91235 was made in the nineties and is the follow up production of model 0003, which came out very early in the production of CHANEL sunglasses altogether. We believe this model to have been produced at least twice in different collections and in different years where the smaller model number represents the sunglasses produced earlier in time. The first version model was probably made about 1988 or 1989. It is fairly easy to come across these shades on vintage markets, ebay and flea markets. This is mostly due to the popularity this model had in the nineties and it’s production for more then one season as well as use in motion pictures such as the beautiful movie: “Tacones Lejanos” (1991) from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar.

In this film the main female character wears these (in black) and other CHANEL shades, all from the same collection, in several key scenes such as the funeral of her husband and her drive in the police car right after her arrest for being suspected for the murder of her husband. It is thanks to movies like this one that we can say that this CHANEL model was probably made before 1991!

This model was available in various colorways: from black, to tortoise, to flaming CHANEL red, white and even a possible blue! The acetate frames of the colorway 91235 are transparent colored in brown with a tortoise effect. They fit quite tight on the face as they’re calibre is very small. The temples present a CHANEL typical matelassé effect and a golden metal double “C” logo is screwed on to each one of the two temples with two golden metal screws each.

This particular piece (colorway 91235) which we have in our sunglassespreservation archives has been traced down in a CHANEL boutique not so long ago and is in mint new condition so we decided to leave the CHANEL boutique sticker on the inside of the right temple intact. It was waiting there for a long time and was forgotten in a carton box, together with another gem you can see here!

This model was made in Italy in the nineties and was a CHANEL boutique exclusive as back in the days no eyewear retailers were allowed a CHANEL licence. This model was produced in rotation as in the nineties certain CHANEL sunglasses were available for many seasons. Then there were also the so called “fashion” models from the fashion shows, which were produced for one o two seasons only.

The boutique manager could not tell us the exact year these sunglasses were produced and went into sale because she started working at CHANEL after the sunglasses were available. In fact, she found them a couple of years after beginning her work for the fashion house.

The interesting thing is that we do not know why they were put aside as if almost hidden from the rest of the staff nor do we know for how long they had been hidden. The CHANEL boutique manager found them after she had went through a total check-up of the entire storage and stock spaces prior to a restauration of the boutique. To our luck these beautiful sunglasses have been waiting for us for at least eighteen years and we are very lucky to have given them a propper home and spotlight outside of a hidden carton box!

The model present in our sunglassespreservation archives has never been used and still has the original CHANEL boutique sticker carrying the boutique’s own code as well as price (7200 Belgium Francs, which were converted later on by CHANEL to 180 Euro). 180 Euro was their price when they were re-released in the nineties in CHANEL boutiques worldwide. It is interesting to notice how the CHANEL brand holds tough on collector’s markets as many pieces do not lose their value even almost twenty years after their release.

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  1. Camille said:

    This is interesting. I have two Chanel sunglasses model 0003 00, so I’m guessing they were made before the popular 01450 model? Would they be considered as prototype? One is a flat black matte finish- I’ve never seen another one like these, not even the 01450 mod. The second pair is a transparent color with an orange tortoise effect, not brown. I have never seen another in this color, either. Is there more info on these pairs?

  2. Hi Camille. Thanks for your comment.

    Lets see if we can help you with your question. First off, model 0003 was not a prototype. It was regularly produced before LUXOTTICA and CHANEL changed their “coding” system to the five digits. So the sunglases that were produced to about model numbers 0027 were later reproduced with the new, five digit, coding system. This means that your model 0003 is older then 01450. It was probably produced from 1989 to 1992. Model 0003 is in matellasse design. Model 0004 is flat, with no matellasse effect on the temples.

    Now on to the colors you mentioned. the color code you mentioned: “00” means white and it was matte. Black matte finish used to be coded “11” and glossy black was coded “10”. The “10” in black shiny finish changed into “90” with models 0026 and 0027. There was a lighter tortoise orangy version as well. One had color code “80”.

    The only thing that seems strange to me is, if I understood you correctly, that both your sunglasses have codes 0003 00 and not different color codes each. If you wish, send us a link to them and we can double check for you.

    All the best to you. Hope we could be of some help.

  3. Joanna said:

    How much they are worth now ? After 20 years??

    • They are worth what one is ready to pay for them. But to find dead stock in pristine condition may sum up a bit of money. Then you have to add the rarity factor. SOme of the colorways were more rare than others. Red and white being the rarest. To not forget is that this model has been produced several years, in continuation. It was almost considered a basic CHANEL model so to find it in used condition is not very rare these days. In used condition up to 100 Dollars would be reasonable. Dead stock, new, unused is a different story… The price in that case can go quite a bit higher.

      Best regards.

      Sunglassespreservation team

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