VERSACE model 2128-A 1264/87 fw11

VERSACE sunglasses mod 2128A fw11

VERSACE sunglasses mod 2128A fw11

VERSACE model 2128-A from the fall-winter 2011 collection. These sunglasses were the only ones to hit the VERSACE man fall winter 2011 catwalk. What makes them so special are several factors: they are quite minimal for VERSACE style standards which tend to be very opulent to say the least. This makes this specific model very rare in the VERSACE sunglass universe as a sobre, elegant pair of sunglasses.

They are made of a very thin, high polished aluminium that makes them extremly light. In fact, the edges of each of the two temples could only be covered on the inside by a light transparent “glue-like” rubber instead of a classic, acetate, heavy, all round enveloping temple cover.

The round lenses are very big and serve the face as a sophisticated futuristic accessory reminiscent of sci-fi movies from the twenties.

The aluminium frame and temples are very light, poilshed and given a black/silver finish which reflects light in different ways at all times, which also made it quite difficult to photograph them to preserve their original appearance when they are seen live. In fact, depending on the light reflecting on them they may appear to be silver, white or black.

There are no typical VERSACE medusa heads anywhere on these sunglasses. Instead, we see another typical VERSACE element on them: the greca motif which rolls itself on the outer sides of each of the two temples.

This model was a VERSACE boutique exclusive in fall/winter 2011. It was made and produced in Italy by LUXOTTICA and each one of them has their specific lasered identification code on the outer side of the right lens. This code is necessery to guarantee the authenticity of the glasses and is unique to each pair of sunglasses produced. There are no two sunglasses of the same model that carry the same identification code!

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