BERNHARD WILLHELM model BW003 C1-11 ss08

BERNHARD WILLHELM sunglasses mod BW003 C1-11 ss08

BERNHARD WILLHELM sunglasses mod BW003 C1-11 ss08

BERNHARD WILLHELM collaboration with England’s sunglassmaker company: Linda Farrow. These sunglasses were released as part of BERNHARD WILLHELM’s spring summer 2008 collection for men and for women with model name: BW003. Eleven different colorways were available: black, black/transparent, pink/transparent, red, blue, gold, yellow, silver, transparent, white and tortoise brown. The models in the sunglassespreservation archives are: transparent, black, yellow, white, tortoise and pink/transparent. They come in a white pouch which then fits into a white paper box with BERNHARD WILLHEM’s logo pronted on it.

These shades have as integral part of the build a nose protrusion which can fit very well to some wearers and pretty bad to others. In fact, there is only one size made in each color with the transparent version being the one produced in smallest quantities but being the version that is most interesting when used to frame facial makeup. People with longer or thicker noses will find these shades very difficult to wear.

The sunglasses were made in China and the quality shows it. The screws used to connect the temples to the frames are a bit fragile and much caution must be used when handling them. The BW0003 colored in black, blue, red, yellow, gold and silver need extra care because they have been laquered and the color tends to chip off easily, especially in the area where temples are screwed to the frames.

The finish of these shades is not the best either as mold injected plastic requires a good final finish by hand and this model has some finishing issues as the edges are a bit rough in some spots. But the reason why these shades are still worth it is another one: first of all they were pretty inexpensive when they first came out, retailing at about 120 Euro and because of the apparent innovation of implementing a nose cover into the design. We are using the word “apparent” consciously and will explain why.

As we have noticed with most BERNHARD WILLHELM collaborations with Linda Farrow, he never hit a true new design. Most of his designs are almost identical to models from other companies made in some cases way back in the sixties. This particular model is, for example, a copy of the 80’s french company “Bolle”, model: LUNASPORT and Oliver Goldsmith’s prior 70’s model: “Noseguard”. The only difference being that the LUNASPORT / OG shades were made molded out of one single piece of plastic (frames) and one piece of plastic per temple. The temples were then attached to the frames per hinges which had four screws each. BERNHARD WILLHELM’s model has frame and hinges attached per modular system and connected with one long screw per temple, which is best visible on the totally transparent model in our collection and it has two lenses inserted into the plastic frames.

Bernhard Willhelm collaborated with Linda Farrow on one last pair of sunglasses after the BW003. After that he left Linda Farrow to team up with Berlin based and German made eyewear company MYKITA. Since then the build quality of his sunglasses has improved.

Bernhard WIllhelm implemented these shades into his male collection in summer 2008 in which he depicted bodybuilder / porn actor Francois Sagat in lycra tight super-hero clothes, mocking the United States by making him wear american flag (stars and stripes) prints mixed with “enjoy cocaine” slogans printed on tight shirts painted in coca-cola red and white.

In some pictures from the photo shoot for Bernhard WIllhelm’s spring-summer 2008 collection the model wears super-hero tights with his genitals hanging out. All professionally done as the model is or was after all a porn actor. These shades are Bernhard WIllhelm’s interpretation of what an anti-hero mask may look like today… something he or she could have found on a flea market and repimped for a new type of decadence.

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