KIM BUCK model unknown 90s

KIM BUCK mod unknown 90's

KIM BUCK mod unknown 90s

KIM BUCK sunglasses from the 90’s. We suppose they are from the nineties but could be from the eighties as well. If anybody has any information about them, please contact us so that we can update our archive information. Thank you.

These shades are beautiful. No screws were used to put them together. The lenses are attached to the “frame” through a complex system of wires. The lenses have a thin track engraved on the sides so that the transparent plastic wire can glide from the top of the metal frame around the lenses and up on the frame again. The temples are bent to fit inside the bent end of the frame so they fit in one another and need no screws to be held together.

The end of the temples have two red plastic tubes brought on to the temples so that they fit comfortable on the ears. One thin wire is bent and goes through two holes from the top of the frames and hold two white spheres on each extremity to make the sunglasses fit firmly on the nose.

Their shape reminds us of a spider or mosquito especially because of the very thin temples.

Even though they seem very flimsy, thin and light, they are sturdy and quite heavy. A beautiful example of design solutions to avoid screws and add geommetrical shapes to our face.

KIM BUCK is the name and/or brand printed on the inside top of the red frame retangle. On the temple we read: “design Spain”. We do not have any further information about this model nor do we know anything about this brand or name. All further information is highly appreciated.

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