CHANEL model A 40907 fw11

CHANEL mod. A40907 fw11

CHANEL mod. A40907 fw11

CHANEL model A 40907 is a special design. These sunglasses are a hybrid between visor and sunglasses. You can lift the frame and the shades become a visor shield above your eyes. This model was presented at the CHANEL fall/winter 2011 pret-a-porter fashion show and was a CHANEL boutique exclusive made by LUXOTTICA in taly.

These shades/visors exist in four different colors: black frame with black temples, silver frame with burgundy temples, silver frame with silver/grey temples and silver frame with khaki green temples.

These shades have a serial number unique to each model sold, as do all CHANEL sunglasses produced in 2011. This unique number makes it easy for you to control if they are original by going to any CHANEL boutique and telling the sale’s assistants what ID number your glasses have. The lenses come with a round CHANEL sticker on them, which should be peeled off before wear.

This particular model is very complicated to wear as it really has no grip on the face. If you lift the frame/lenses then the sunglasses litterally stay on your face just by leaning heavily on your lower forehead, just above the brows. The Temples are not reinforced with any rubber. They are completely made of plastic so the pressure they cause on your lower forhead, if constantly worn as visors, will eventually cause pain and pressure points to show.

If you decide to wear them as “normal” sunglasses and lower the visor to make it become a “regular” frame again, then you will find it difficult to find the right angle because the frames will have to lean on your nose in order for them not to slide off your face. They look much better when worn as visors.

The temples are made of very thick acetate and the frame is made of metal. The frames are screwed to the temples on the top front by two screws. Very sturdy tight fit between temples and frame.

The pouch container, which these shades come in, is made of synthetic black quilted leather with a silver metal double “C” screwed on the bottom right side. This pouch is the nicest CHANEL has to offer in its assortment at the moment.

Whether difficult to wear or not, when it comes to researching new ways of designing sunglasses and new fitting possibilities on our faces, we believe they are an incredible exercise in experimentation. CHANEL showed us that they did not fear to try out new things, without taking the “safe way” in winter 2011.

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