VERSACE model 4196 fw10

VERSACE mod 4196 fw10

VERSACE mod 4196 fw10

This VERSACE model was made as a boutique exclusive for the VERSACE man fall winter 2010 collection. The entire collection was very “TRON” inspired. A very beautiful collection in which many models wore these sunglasses on the catwalk.

This model was made by LUXOTTICA, in Italy, but it is not the first time that we see these sunglasses. In fact, it is a very recurrent model. As far as we know, the first time this cut was used was back in the eighties by Mary Quant, in France, then we saw it as a remake for the T.V. series “nightrider”, with David Hasselhoff, with added light effects in the upper frame and batteries on the inner part of either right or left temple.

Then Gianni Versace discovered them and since the early nineties this model has been often used by VERSACE‘s creative team in various material/color combinations. The model you see here is just the latest incarnation of these sunglasses. It is completely black with two black medusa heads tightened one to each temple by a tiny screw. The lenses are also screwed to the frames. They are very wide. Like all VERSACE – LUXOTTICA made sunglasses, these have their own unique identification number engraved into the lenses. This helps alot to identify originals.

The look of these sunglasses is very futuristic in the way only the eighties could see futurism. They have been updated to suit the mood of 2010 and we believe they still look stunning after almost more then thirty years since they have been designed for the first time and nobody could resurrect them better with more style than VERSACE.

The material the temples and frame seem to made of is nylon.

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  1. cyber said:

    I’ve got this sunglasses and they are absolutely greath! such a cool model and cyber shape! when you wear them everybody looking at you!:)

  2. We are glad you like them 🙂 You are lucky to have a pair as these were limited and now a great collector’s piece! Total black acetate with black VERSACE medusa heads on the temples are really a great addition!

  3. Does anyone know where I can buy these?! They look fantastic!

    • Hi squizree,
      thanks for the compliment.
      This model was a VERSACE boutique exclusive for their fall/winter 2010 men collection and has since then been out of production. Your best shot is to ask any VERSACE boutique if they by any chance have any stock left, otherwise online second hand portals are your second and best option.

      • Thanks for your reply! I emailed Versace through their site but I don’t they’re gonna reply lol maybe I should call them. In terms of second hand ones, I don’t think there are any. Do you anyone?

      • You might be lucky and they answer you. I do however believe that the best way to proceed is to ask directly in Versace boutiques. This way they can check if they have any stock left personally in that boutique you are asking in. I am not sure that the Versace online general store can access the data base of each store worldwide. They might only be able to check their own online stock. Unfortunately we see here how difficult it is to find sunglasses as soon as the season they were produced in has passed. Wish you luck in your search and please keep us updated to see how the search unravels. 🙂

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