SWATCH models 717-037 (snowbuck & glacier) 1992

SWATCH mod. snowbuck fw93

SWATCH mod. snowbuck fw93

SWATCH was at the height of it’s success from the end of the eighties till the mid-late nineties and in the early nineties the Swiss brand decided to expand their already successfull watch franchise to SWATCH sunglasses.

There have been only a couple of different models from 1991 to 1994 ca. The model we see here is from 1992 and has been produced in several different colors. The ones we knoe are: silver metal frame and black plastic temples, green metal and yellow frame and green plastic temples, acqua blue frame and transparent temple and others. A special ski model with leather side inserts for eye protection was made as well and is in our collection as well.

The models we show you here are “snowbuck” (shown on the first image of ths post) and “glacier”, which incompete as it originally came with two green leather side straps to protect the eyes from sun and wind (like the model sunbuck did). They were made in 1992 but came out as part of the fall winter 1993 collection.

The particularity of these sunglasses is their interchange-ability. You can detach the metal frames from the plastic temples through a special mechanism designed by SWATCH. You can see how the system works on the images we posted below. This allowed you to interchange all your SWATCH frames and temples because they were all made to a special standard. The only problem was that there was no way to buy only frames or only temples. One had to purchase both so there was no way of collecting only one of the two. Back in the day there were no internet platforms where collectors could exchange their collections quickly and easily.

Nevertheless, today we have many ways of getting our hands on this special parenthesis of SWATCH history. These shades are not particularly rare and do not have a high value on secondary markets. They are special and their exchangable and interchangable system makes them fun to play with and they do frame the face in a typically nineties way. So if you can, get your hands on a pair of these shades because their value both money and stylewise will most likely grow in the future.

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