CHANEL model A 40749 S1123 ss09

CHANEL mod A40749 ss09

CHANEL mod A40749 ss09

CHANEL boutique exclusive spring/summer 2009 model A 40749 is an interesting oversized aviator model made of a special transparent acetate intertwined with many layers of different brown shades of color stripes. These color stripes, which are inside the structure of the glasses, form patterns resembling lace multilayering. The double “C” CHANEL logo on each temple is made of real calf leather in lizzard print and is framed by golden metal. The logos are attached to the temples by two tiny screw knots each.

The shades are extremly big and effectfull. The temples are wide and cover the face very well. This model was only made in this color. There are no other color variants but due to the unique technique of “faux lace” layering within the acetate, each model has a different pattern making these shades a one of a kind each. Add to that the fact that they were available in CHANEL boutiques only, and you have a very special and rare pair of shades.

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