CHANEL model A 27451 S7711 fw05 cruise

CHANEL mod. A27451 fw05 cruise

CHANEL fish sunglasses from the fall/winter 2005 cruise collection. (Best thanks to Sabrina from CHANEL for giving us exact date and collection this beautiful model was presented in). These shades were CHANEL boutique exclusives and were available in two colors. One is the amazing mud grey fish color we see here in our archives and the other model was made in transluscent pink acetate, which you can also find in our sunglassespreservation archives here!.

The pink one was very “Barbie-like”, which did not help them look very realistic as a fish. The “mud grey fish”, on the other hand, is an incredible color and very close to the feel of what real fish skin looks like. Not wanting to be too pretty, these sunglasses hit the spot and definitely deserve to be inserted in the sunglassespreservation archives. The grey mud color inspired us to photograph this model with a brownish muddy colored background giving the CHANEL fish a proper environmental setting.

The frame is made of two acetate fish that meet right above the wearer’s nose to kiss eachother. Their eyes are made of two transparent Swarowski crystals.

The temples have a unique shape. They resemble fish fins, so in a way we could say these sunglasses are made of four different fish: two on the frame and one piece of fish on each side, as temple.

The past of eyewear design history has seen animals mark the shape of many sunglasses way before CHANEL did. These CHANEL shades are nothing new really, but they are daring nevertheless, considering their color and above all the mostly conservative look CHANEL gives to almost all of it’s products. This model is provocative if seen through CHANEL standards. Topping your look with these sunglasses does alter the overall average CHANEL conservative chic quite a bit, marking it with a fresh twist.

On their own, without having to wear a CHANEL costume to pair them with, they are provocative because they are CHANEL and not some other brand. The logo does make a difference in this case, as superficial as it may seem, when you pair fish with CHANEL, the clash becomes fabulous!

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