PIERRE CARDIN model C 727 70s

PIERRE CARDIN mod C 727 70s

PIERRE CARDIN has made many extremly interesting and avantgarde sunglass designs in his career. Many were simple and others complex and strange. This particular acetate model in transparent grey/brown is no exception to those special treats mr. Cardin left us to admire. This model’s name is: “C 727” and we believe it to be from the 70’s but as of now we have no possibility to date them exactly so please let us know if you know, from which collection and year they are from. Thank you.

The PIERRE CARDIN “double brow” style of these shades is reminiscent of an insect or alien organism. It is even possible that the “brow slits” contained or could contain another object in them.

As of now we have very little information about these beautiful shades and that is exactly what we at sunglassespreservation wish to avoid in the fututre. If there were a correct archiving system available in the past and if designers had given sunglasses the right importance and respect within their collections, we would be able to access these archives today and research correctly the history of sunglass design. Unfortunately that is not the case. So we at sunglassespreservation want to archive today’s memorable designs within a correct archiving system, accessible even in many years from now for researchers, passionate collectors, curious visitors and professional designers.

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  1. Kalita said:

    Hi I have a pair of these that I would happily sell. They need new lenses (one side is smashed), but the frames are in great vintage condition.

    • They are not for sale. This is not a sale website! SUNGLASSESPRESERVATION is an archive of the best sunglasses. We commit to preserving them, not selling them.

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