CHANEL model 0027 fw92

CHANEL mod 0027 fw92

Considered by most CHANEL vintage sunglasses hunters as the most sought after pair. These sunglasses have a bit of a history behind them. First off, we would like to demistify the fact that these are the most rare of all CHANEL sunglasses. They are twenty years old and did make part of one of Lagerfeld’s more interesting collections for CHANEL.

Nevertheless, they have been seen on many celebrities today, as vintage, and back in the day when they were new. Memorable is the episode: “door handle” from the 90’s Absolutely fabulous, season two, where Edina wears them to go with Patsy to New York to find the right door handle for her burnt kitchen…

This model of CHANEL sunglasses has been worn by many and is the most typical model you will see in every well built sunglass collection online (websites and blogs). All you need to do is google it and you will find many vintage sunglass blogs showing them off in their collections. Hence in our opinion the label: “rarest CHANEL sunglasses”, has to be taken off these shades. As beautiful as they are, they are not the rarest and are definetly overpriced so do not get fooled by astronomical prices. We are not a sales group so it is not in our interest to discuss prices but in this case it is needed.

Now back to the model 0027. First off, there is different speculation about the model codes these shades carry. You will indeed find them with the code 0027 (which is the one in our archives) and the code 01456. The most classic of models are built with a long chain on top of the frame and hanging on both sides (left and right) going all the way behind the neck of the wearer. The temples have each a double “C” logo on them.

There was a second model with a short chain on top of the frame and two shorter chains attached one on each top side of the temples. This model does not carry any double “C” logos on the temples. The two codes you will find these shades carrying are: 0026 & 01455.

Some speculation has it that the 0026 and 0027 codes are from models made in 1992 and that the other two codes: 01455 and 01456 are from models made and sold towards the end of the nineties. If this were the case then we ask ourselves why would CHANEL reproduce this model twice in the nineties, without promoting it again or advertising it as a “classic”. Plus there is no certainty that this model was reproduced in the late nineties one more time. We at sunglassespreservation are on the case already to try and clarify this question.

Now back to the specific model we have put in our sunglassespreservation online archive. This model seems to be a hybrid of both models 0027 and 0026. It has the temples of model 0027 and the lenses and chain on frame of model 0026. The fact that the sunglasses are in such perfect condition with almost no wear at all and no scratches on the temples and on the frame top area where the metal/leather chain is, leeds us to conclude that they have not been tampered with and the chain has not been cut or manipulated in any way. All the components of this specific model have been proofed and are authentic. This hybrid is another mistery to be solved hopefully soon.

These sunglasses are fairly heavy and are not meant for longer wear as they do weigh a lot on the nose. The golden chain is intertwined with a black leather strap in classic CHANEL style. The acetate used for both frame and temples is thick and high gloss. The two double “C” logos are attached, one to each temple, with two golden screws. The lenses are attached to the frame via four golden screws and the golden chain is attached to the front of the black frame via three golden screws which are visible on the back of the shades.

If anybody has any information about this hybrid, please contact us. They came in a classic CHANEL hard case from the nineties, also in prisitne condition. Interesting is that due to the size of model 0027, they had no hard case. They came in only a CHANEL carton box. This is another element that leads us to believe that CHANEL actually produced a mix of both models 0027 and 0026. But the mistery remains unsolved for now.

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  1. WOW. ive never seen these & ive seen a lot! ive sold 2 model 01455 which is the model with the chains on the temples. and i currently have 2 long chain ones in my collection but the code is 0027 on both. so idk. maybe the previous owner took the chain from the 01455 & put them on the 0027? might be wrong but either way these are a beautiful frame and very very rare. love all the information you’ve gotten on them.

    • Dear Kyle,
      Thanks so much for posting here. We are big fans of!!! We do own the the long chain 0027 version as well, but we haven’t posted them yet as the professional photgraphing of our archives takes a lot of time and we want to be sure each image is perfect. We decided to post this particular version of the 0027 model first because it is so strange, seldomly seen before and a sort of “anomaly” if you wish. We did presume they might have been tampered with and made as a combination of the two models: 0027 (temples) and 0026 (frames) or that the previous owner cut off the chain from model 0027 but there are absolutely no signs of tampering with what so ever. Plus the screws that combine the temples with the frames are in pristine condition and have never been unscrewed. We have a couple of connections with LUXOTTICA and have shown the model to them to verify it and all is legit. There seem to have been a few of these babies out there that were made as a hybrid of model 0026 and model 0027 or as hybrid of models 01455 and 01456. In any case, whether model 0027 or 0026 or a hybrid of both, we love them so much! They are truly a piece of CHANEL design history and one of the popiest, chunkiest models CHANEL has ever produced. All the best, and keep your amazing collection growing 🙂 – sunglassespreservation team

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