JEREMY SCOTT’s collaboration with LINDA FARROW always seems to prove winning. These sunglasses are more a pop art object for the face then they are sunglasses. In fact, they do not offer any sun protection. Instead, they offer an idea of what could happen if somebody held our heads firm and safe in front of our eyes. Most people see these “shades” as a great fashion object. We see them as a great concept that makes us think and reflect.

Jeremy’s “hands” are very heavy on the nose. They totally. lack in comfort They do not fit well and are not made to be worn for prolongued periods of time. The plastic they are made of is very thick and heavy. The quality of the paint job is good but the paint used is not good. It can chip very easily. If you want to buy the “JS/HANDS/4” model, then you are up for much caretaking because this colorway: “skin tone and red nail polish” is extremly difficult to take care of.

The “hands” come in different colors: in skin tone, black, gold, transparent, transparent grey/brown and black scorched with white.

LINDA FARROW produced these “shades” in China and the lack of quality does show in the delicate paint apps and extremly lose application of tags on the inner part of the temples. In fact, if you wear them more then three times, the brand name and model number rub off the temples. On top of that they come only in a carton box and no additional hard case to protect them. A matching hard cover case is very missed due to the sophisticated nature of the concept these sunglasses bare.

JEREMY SCOTT might be seen as a superficial pop fashion designer but don’t get fooled by any superficial judgement of style. We haven’t seen a more sophisticated designer than Jeremy Scott in a while. He really hits the spot!

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