VERSACE model 21118A ss11

VERSACE mod 21118A ss11

VERSACE model 21118A from the spring/summer 2011 collection. These sunglasses were a VERSACE boutique exclusive and the “A” at the end of the model number stands for “Asia”. If these shades were distributed even outside of VERSACE boutiques in Asia we do not know. Fact is that VERSACE did not promote these sunglasses at all on their official website. They were only seen worn on the men spring/summer 2011 catwalk but were not promoted otherwise.

This is a flaw VERSACE has to find a remedy to. They do not promote the right products on the market keeping their best designs hidden from the major public. One really has to struggle to discover what this brand has to offer. This is contraproductive.

The temples and front top part of the frame are made of a beautiful “op-art” patern with the lenses hanging off the frame. This is just an illusion as the lenses are attached to the frames with two tiny screws on the back as well as molded together on the top.

The geometric “op-art” slits on the top of the frame and on the temples are weight pressed and perfect. The optical distortion of the lines is a beutiful touch and this ornament only becomes visible when one comes closer to the shades.

The middle top part of the frame is adorned with a black bit of plastic clipped onto the glasses. This bit of plastic is there just for aesthetical reasons and is not glued on.

The VERSACE logos are imprinted (seems by laser) on the sides of the temples and are not overdone or too visible. Very elegant.

The packaging is classic VERSACE. A sturdy carton box with brand name and logo and a hard case in which we have the sunglasses. Very well protected.

These shades were produced in Italy by LUXOTTICA and they do carry a serial code on the lenses as do all LUXOTTICA sunglasses. This code is unique to each and every pair of sunglasses produced. This makes it possible to verify their authenticity at any time. The image below, showing this code, has been manipulated. A certain number of digits has been blurred out to keep the code protected.

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