PIERRE CARDIN has made many extremly futuristic and avantgarde designs in his career. This model is highly futuristic as well. The HCS model is supposedly from the eighties. The exact year remains unknown for now. Does anybody know the exact year of production? If it were a model from the sixties, then I would definetly say it was a perfect example of futuristic design, but most credits found on the net lead to believe that it is a model from the eighties. Nevertheless, very beautiful and very Pierre cardin.

The temples are attached to a frame with a particular mechanism that stretches open like on a spring and holds these sunglasses firmly on the face. The fit is just tight enough to feel comfortable. Made in “west” Germany.

These sunglasses are also called: “ski visors” and were produced in several colors and in two models. The second model has a plastic “barrier” style add-on on the front part of the frame, covering the lenses.

The colors made were white, grey, dark blue and gold. Any additional information about other color variants would be appreciated.

The back side of the frames have an extra padded black part that leans on the front of the wearer, as well as a black padding for the nose. These bits are made of a softer plastic and are very comfortable to wear. They do dry out with time. These sunglasses are preserved in special temperature and humidity conditions.

The package for these sunglasses is a velvety dark night blue pouch with a small PIERRE CARDIN logo on center bottom.

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